Add a band to your existing KIO Hexagonal Beam
    Kit includes a wire set for each band ordered, spreader wire guides,
    and whatever is needed for your center post, depending on what type it
    is along with clear, easy to follow installation instructions.

    You can specify which band(s) you want either in the remarks on the
    check out page or to us via an e mail message.
HamCall Line grip for guy ropes
Ferrite bead choke baluns
Rohn Push
up mast
Coax Seal
Radio Shack
Accessories available
from other suppliers
Specializing in Hexagonal Beams for the DX Enthusiast
Add to your KIO Hexagonal Beam
Ice Cord Set
    Six Kevlar, no stretch cords with Dacron covering and hardware
    attachments at each end of each cord for reinforcing your spreaders
    against ice and snow.

    Recommended for heavy ice and snow regions.  See Details.
Kit to add bands later
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